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 Je: Hey all. We still have internet for now. But we don't know for how long. Just know that we love you and everything. Hopefully if it goes away it won't be for long, or if it is...we'll hopefully get some way to talk to yall. 


May. 1st, 2017 04:07 pm
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MD: Dad was able to fix the car. It's driveable, at least for now. So that's a plus. I really don't have anything to update on that part. 

In fact, that's really the only update. He's still not talking to most of the fam...which honestly sucks.

But uh...you guys heard of Outlast 2? That new game? yeah I was watching a play thru and saw the one character, Val, and in my mind, was just like "THEY SEEM NEAT." WELL GOOD FOR U KIDDO CUZ NOW YA GOT VAL IN UR SYSTEM. They're not as "Evil" here, as they are in the game, which is good. VERY GOOD. But yeah. I'm a screw up :P 


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