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 Hello everyone. We went to the ER on Tuesday? Yeah! Tuesday! but don't you worry! We just were severely dehydrated! :P That's what we get for not drinking enough water...

So, no pops, all water, some milk or Gatorade occasionally. Mostly water. It sucks, but ya know, it's fine. As long as we live. Our blood pressure was literally at 180/120. (aka NOT GOOD) 

Uh let's see...what else...MD is trying to further himself away from Jia/BC. That's tough for him tho. Jia was literally JUST in Ohio (our home state) yesterday and MD wasn't able to see him. SO THAT'S A PISS. But I think it's good? I don't think MD needs to be around that toxic guy? 

Ah well, anyway! Things are...looking up? rn? Sorta? I mean, we feel like shit sorta, and things really are going downhill for us all, but we're maintaining. And that's the important part!

Date: 2017-05-18 10:42 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mirrorofsmoke

You all were missed. Feel better soon.


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