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And with icons comes the awesomeness of not having to necessarily sign our names with EVERY. LITTLE. THING. That doesn't mean we never will anymore...for example, say I'm typing and someone wants to chime in, they can just do it! 

(MD: It's gonna look a little somethin like this!) 

^^^^ Like that! :D 

Anyway, we've had these pics for a while, and just never set it up? And the one titled "um" is literally for like, if there's drama we're discussing or whatever. :P We just liked their face in that pic. :P 

We have around 30 people in the system, and not everyone could get an icon on here, but that's ok because if they wanna talk they decided they'll use the default icon! :D We really only gave icons to the main fronters, tbh. So there's that! :D 

But OK anyway, we'll still be tagging with who talked and everything, but if two or more people talk we'll simply say, in this case, "Je (main)" and then everyone else who has talked! I hope this all makes sense. And I hope you all like our icons and shit! :D 
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