Apr. 30th, 2017

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MD: My dad almost got in a car wreck on Wednesday? He had been out at my grandma's to mow her yard. And on the way back, he was stopping at a light, and the brakes gave out and he just like sped thru the light (not meaning to, obviously.). He said that if someone would've been turning, it would've been a bad car accident. 

He's been looking at the car for the past few days, and decided to do some work on it today (He used to be a mechanic so.), and he came in and told me that "it's not looking good. There's a lot of rust and we might have to just scrap it." 

Luckily, we have my car (Which is a 1980 Ford Mustang HEEEEEEEYYYYYYY. It's burgundy and HEEEEY I LOVE IT), but that car's pretty old, and it needs work done on it a lot, so hopefully it'll hold up for us. 

So, as the title says, we're down a car. In other news, we're fucking broke. And when I say I broke I mean BROKE. We don't have money to pay bills I don't think. (Dad won't really talk to me about it, so Idk) 

I've been trying to keep my mind off it, but...it's tough. It's scary. We've always been under the poverty line, but ever since Mom died and we lost her disability, it's been a lot tougher. I have $6 on a Walmart gift card and maybe $200 in the bank, but apart from that, I have nothing, and I don't know about dad. 

Apart from that, he's not getting along with certain fam members and they were helping with our money situation and without them, IDK WHAT WE'LL DO? 

Anyway, I'm done being scared for now. Thanks for listening. 


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