Apr. 26th, 2017

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Track: Can I just first say something? Treck/Julian/BC/whatever the fuck you want to call him, is a PRICK AND HE NEEDS TO FUCK THE FUCK OFF. It's gone on too long. It's not funny. You never were. At first we thought you'd go away on ur own, but apparently not, and I will make sure that you never return. 

Now, onto the matters at hand. I don't feel I am in the authority to discuss what happened last night between BC and MD. It was a horrible situation no matter what, but if MD ever wants to say what all happened, he will in due time. 

What I can tell you about is the ever-growing Devil Child we now have obtained. A few days ago, BC has also dropped off Audrey (7) and Hannah (4). They're being cared for now as well as Sequel and Devil Child. 

Devil Child has a name btw. His name is Satanael (thank you to a friend for helping us come up with that. Not sure if they have a DW or not, sorry.) Satanael is the only horned creature we have as of now. I think as he grows he will find his more human like form, but for now, he is the way he is. He has told MD that he is "here to steal souls," But that he really doesn't want to do that. Thank the HEAVENS. 

He's being taken care of, we're not going to neglect the poor thing because of where he came from. We wouldn't do that to any of them. 

Anyway, that's about it as of now. 

Best wishes,


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