Apr. 16th, 2017

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 Je: Easter is a special holiday for us. Not for the religious reasons, however. While MD's fam is mostly all Christians and celebrate it for that reason alone, we tend to think of it in a different way. Easter was the first actual holiday I ever celebrated within this system. I remember that, it was a much smaller group at the time when we celebrated, but we each got each other toy bunnies and chocolate and just had a good time, ya know? It wasn't about religion at that moment, because well, we're demons for the most part. It was about healing. 

See, while this was also MY FIRST HOLIDAY IN GENERAL, it was also MD's first bigger holiday without his mom. Easter has evolved in this year to signify MD's, and really, all of our strength. That we can make it thru this shit. 

And now, here we are, a year later, larger in number and stronger than ever. There's something so triumphant about today, it seems. It's only a few months after the anniversary of his mom's death, so it really shows how much we've grown and moved forward since last year's Easter. 

For a lot of us here, it was their first Easter this year. And I made sure that we were all celebrating it right...WITH CANDY. I got every one toy bunnies and chocolate, just like they did for me last year. 


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