Apr. 6th, 2017

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MD: Whelp. Je was gonna originally make this post, but I thought that it'd be more appropriate if I made it. Let me start off by saying, that i know basically nothing about system kids...like at all. So, this is going to be a weird experience, I'm sure. 

Anyway, a few nights ago, I believe I posted on here about that nightmare I had? Like, the one about BC doing things that he shouldn't be. Well, we're sure that because of this nightmare, a child has been made. He looks EXACTLY LIKE BC. Like it's SCARY How similar they look. But, he's here. And we're calling him Sequel because we named him Je Jr. (Because Je was like "THIS IS MY CHILD. MY BABY.") 

So, I'm really nervous about all this. for one, children aren't my favorite, two, I'm worried he'll end up like BC...It's just...I know that with Je's help he won't end up like BC. But I'm still scared about that. 

If any of yall know more about system kids than I do, pls inform me of some stuff. I'd greatly appreciate it. 


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