Apr. 1st, 2017

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 Je: Hey all. So, we decided that, in the end, we WOULD make ourselves a little channel. We're all SUPER EXCITED! I've posted one video so far, and MD plans on doing one today! So this is going to be a SUPER FUN ADVENTURE. 

Link to the video www.youtube.com/watch  
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 Exodus: Hi there everyone! So we're participating in a really cool project thingy! It's called Multiple Media Month! Basically a bunch of systems are getting together and making art and stuff! We're doing two big projects, One being the youtube channel, and two being we're all journaling! But I wanted to do my own thing! So I'm going to be drawing portraits of each of us, including myself! :D 

I did the first one, which was of MD! I hope you guys like it!



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