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Je: So! I guess these are! We're on tumblr (same name as here with the hyphen and everything!) but we heard about this from a friend (can we call them a friend? We literally started talking today...) in a group chat, and we just wanted to check it out and see if this is a cool site! So far so good.

Anyway, my name is Xeah, but you can call me Je! I am the second in command here in the Spider System! We're a traumagenic system, meaning we formed thru some form of trauma at one point or another. Despite me being a younger member of the system in terms of how long I've been here (a little over a year), I'm second in command, I guess MD just wanted that.

A little about me...let's see...I love makeup! And dresses, and shoes, omg. But I am a guy. I just have to say that because people usually get confused when they hear that I like that stuff. They're always like "oh so you identify as female?" NOPE I DON'T :P In fact, only ONE of us in the entire system identifies as female, and that's my sister, Margo! (tho my sibling Renne is questioning.)

Hmm, well, alright, that seems to be all I can think of for now! We're looking forward to meeting some other systems and shit like that! :D
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MD: OK so a conversation that Je sparked in the comments of a post on here got me thinking..."What is the connection we have to spiders? Why do I/we love them so much? WHAT GIVES MAN?!" Well, lemme start at the beginning. Back near the beginning, There were 8 of us! And tho some of us came and went, it was usually around 8 of us. Spiders, ironically enough, have 8 legs. And we all thought of ourselves as sorta a leg that was moving this thing, the system, to our goals.

At first we didn't have a system name. We were literally just "oh, that's the guys." And that was that. After Mom passed away, and all the trauma that came with that, there was a spike in how many guys were here. Je for one showed up, as well as many of the others, really, including some that didn't stick around. (We had a lot of straying mates for a long time.) And well, pretty soon we were at 12, then 15, then 18. It fluctuated for a while before settling around 21-22 now. But back to the name thing, an old friend of ours once suggested "The Spider With Many Legy."

So that's what we were for the longest time. Then we had a falling out with that friend, and we had a lot of bad memories attached to the name "Spider With Many Legy," So we stopped using it. And we went directly onto the Spider System. It was a nice change, and we haven't looked back!

So that's the answer to our name thing. But WHY ON EARTH WOULD I LOVE SPIDERS SO MUCH, you may be asking yourself. Well that's a fine ass question and I'm about to answer it! I have ALWAYS loved science. I wanted to be an astronomer for years. And then, I found out that I suck at math. And the stars don't want to deal with people who can't calculate shit. I fell out of my love for science around 10th grade especially, when I had THE WORST biology teacher. She just...didn't care? She gave us shit assignments and she just...had no want or passion for what she taught. It showed thru. Luckily, I took chemistry the following year, and my teacher was AMAZING. She had worked in nuclear plants working to find safe chemical bonds or some shit like that? It was just REALLY cool. She sparked my love for science again.

I thought for a while I wanted to go into chemistry. But I decided not to. See, I'm one of those guys who can't make up his fecking mind on what he wants to do with his life. I went to college (for a year) for English. That was because my dad really wanted me to go for it. My mom did too. I wanted to really go for their biology courses, but...that just wasn't what anyone wanted. And it sucked.

Mom died just a few days before I had to go back to classes for Spring Semester. It really took a toll on me. I fell into such a depression that English just wasn't cutting it for me. I drew a lot of the time, so art was still a big part of my life, but I found that studying arachnology on my own was the best pastime. I loved it. I loved learning about everything. Everyone around me told me it was gross and to stop reading about them. That I wouldn't be able to handle it. But I don't know.

It's either between Drag artist or arachnologist at this point for what I want to do...SO THAT'S THE STORY. Lot longer than I thought...Sorry about that!


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